Corporate Speaking
Brian spoke to a room packed with business men and women last week, to discuss his rise and fall, and subsequent rise again in the music industry. It was a 45 minute lecture on rock and roll, making money, and losing money. He also played a couple of songs. The speech was very well received according to the comment cards.

Comment cards were filed out after the presentation. Here are a few:

This presentation made me think of developing my business in this way:

"Get out of the daily grind. Work on my business rather than at my business"

"Returning to what made you successful. Working for the client and in my case getting out of my head and getting back to the basics."

"Loved the concept of finding your storage unit, where is my creative space"

"Staying true to your roots and changing all at the same time is a gifted and unique balance"

Other comments or feedback regarding Brian's Presentation:


"(Brian had) great attitude and delivery. He did what we need to do with clients; get real, be honest and speak from the heart which will move you from being just a financial advisor to someone who really cares!!"

"I appreciated the honesty and sincere delivery of his story"

"Very different than we are used to, different in a great way. I really liked how the music helped tell the story"

"Most personable speaker I have seen in a long time"

"Funny, honest and very talented. Great Presentation"

"What a great motivational speaker"

The Verve Pipe - Overboard
TVP releases it's first rock album in 13 years, with Brian Vander Ark producing!

Read the rave reviews for their latest CD called Overboard, here: Reviews/Press

Live From Midland, America (live digital album) (2013)
You can purchase the Live From Midland, America CD download through iTunes. 22 songs, only $9.99! Click Here to Purchase via iTunes or order direct from Brian below.

22 Songs from this incredible night of music that includes a stellar lineup of musicians backing Brian.
Only $10!
Email Address For Downloads?
This album is only available digitally. Click to order the album via PayPal, a link will be sent to your PayPal email or you can specify an alternate address. Keep in mind, we send the link to you manually so it can take up to 24 hours before we get logged in an email you the link for the download.

Track Listing -
Seems To Be No Getting Over You
My Independence Day
Miracle Mile
Grandma Says No
I Went With The Road
Lily White Way
Underneath This Big Striped Tent (Channing and Quinn)
Another Good Man
Carry On
1229 Sheffield
Love So Deep
Into My Arms
Last Lost Boy (Lux Land)
Michigan Coast To Coast
My Little Town
The Freshmen
Daddy's Girl

Bonus Track: Sweetness Follows (this track is free to you by clicking here)

Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms '15

My house concert series is in it's 9th year already. I go into the homes of my fans and play an hour's worth of songs, then hang for an hour. Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms '15 is now booking. A couple of changes this year. We are going to go ahead and reserve dates for the summer months, all the way up until August. Typically we only book a few months in advance, but I realize now that many of you have special occasions that fall on an exact date. If you have a special occasion and a date in mind, contact Todd at (If you are flexible, let us know that too.) Keep in mind, being the lead singer for The Verve Pipe means that if a TVP gig comes up, we may have to move your date. This rarely happens; In 9 years, about 10 shows have had to be moved or canceled. The closer we get to your date, the better the chances of it not having to be moved or canceled. Of course, if your date is moved, a discount will be given for your new date, and if it's canceled, a full refund of your deposit will be paid.

Like last year we are adding Channing and Quinn to the show. Channing & Quinn will provide a small backing band and backing vocals to your favorite BVA and TVP songs. Since last year had nothing but rave reviews to the addition of them to the show, we're shooting for all shows to include them again this year, however it does depend on their touring schedule to make sure they are available.

Speaking of Music

There are about 14 free songs of mine available for download at Soundcloud. Click Here to check out live versions of Underneath, Strawberry Fields Forever, Sweetness Follows (with my wife Lux Land), and much more! It doesn't cost you a thing. I only hope that you will share the songs with all of your friends. Click Here to listen and/or download.


More singer songwriting blogs are up. I'm trying my best to give young artists tips on the process of writing and traveling as a musician. You can check out my blogs if you Click Here.

That's about it. I've been writing a lot these last few weeks, and I'm looking forward to performing some brand new material soon. Best to you all, and thank you for all of your tremendous support!