Lawn Chairs And Living Rooms House Concerts Now Booking!

2016 marks the 10th year of Brian’s house concert series. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Brian essentially comes to your home and plays for your family and friends. He’ll play in your back yard, living room, pool side, or speedboat (yes, it’s happened!) and play for an hour, hang out for an hour taking pictures, signing autographs, jamming with your band, teaching your kids a few chords, whatever you like!

Though these are private shows (you can’t advertise to the general public), you CAN ask for donations to cover the fee. You can also make requests for the setlist. If you haven’t experienced a house concert yet, we promise you, you’ll love them. Write to Todd:, mention where you are from and what date you prefer, and he’ll get right right back to you with some ideas.

In an effort to bring you the best in live entertainment in your home, Brian will be adding some “menu” items to this year’s LCLR Home Concert Series. After playing a run of very successful holiday shows with his friends Channing and Quinn, he’s asked them to come stay in Michigan for a spell and play some shows with him. They’ve played quite a few house concerts on their own as well, and have awed and amazed the audiences with their musicianship and positive energy. Here’s a menu list of options for your show:
You’ll be able to:
a) Book Brian solo
b) Book Channing and Quinn solo
c) Book Brian and Channing and Quinn as a group. (Don’t worry – no drums in your living room! Acoustic guitars, banjos, accordions, etc..)

The third option will definitely be your best value. It’s surprising affordable to add the duo to your house concert with Brian, and will leave your guests toe tapping until the end of the evening. The important thing to us is the exposure that you will be giving these up and coming musicians.
So, in short, let Todd know which option you would like to book this year.


Although House Concerts are private affairs, you can check out Brian at these shows, open to the public:

Feb 20, The Underground in Hillsdale, MI. Acoustic Show Event Details Here

Mar 18, Music at the Museum in Grand Haven, MI. acoustic show with Channing & Quinn. Event Details Here